Opening in July 2018, SOOD & BOTTLES are teaming up to give our customers a great experience. Terrace facing the market, two floors, two long tables where you can enjoy Italian seasonal small plates, cured meats, cheese selections  & fantastic wines from small producers in an amazing venue in the oldest London Market. 


Our menu is always seasonal. We respect nature and its produce. We only use the best suppliers who source their ingredients very carefully. The best flavours are given only by the best products that grow and live in specific areas of the world and that's our mission to bring them to your table.


ZERO waste policy. We cook everything fresh every day. There is always a way to use every single part of every single vegetable, meat or fish. If you have trimmings you can make a stock, "ugly" parts you can change shape to them and so on. But nothing goes to waste in our kitchen.



The combination between food & wines is key for our concept. They complement each other. We constantly study what's best with what in order to offer you an experience and take you through a journey you won't forget. Our sommeliers will guide your taste to make sure you make the most of it.

Our downstairs area is available for large bookings, perfect for supper club/banquette style meals and tastings. Please get in touch for a bespoke menu for your event.